The fundamental idea behind Kilikya Turkish Cuisine is to serve healthy, authentic, good quality Turkish food. We offer a choice of beverages including; various teas and coffees, wines from Spain Turkey and Italy, but also a growing range of health drinks. Kilikya is also a Halal restaurant.

We value our customers and feel that they deserve something better than the usual alternatives out there. Kilikya believe that quality should be evident; not only in what we serve, but also in how we serve. This means that we are dedicated to providing a notably high standard of tailored customer service. We hope that all our customers have felt this way and we promise to maintain this standard for our existing and new customers in the future.

At Kilikya we will do our best to raise our already high standards and put our customers’ happiness first. We appreciate all feedback and/or suggestions you may have regarding our products or services.  Always feel free to contact us directly and we will do our utmost best to respond to you quickly.

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We work hard to ensure every dish we serve is delicious, great-quality, which is good for you and good value.


We train all staff to the highest standard, they not only provide great service but fully understand the menu and are able to make honest recommendations to customers.


Each of our branches has a unique ambience, offering beautiful river views and a decor like no other.

Our Founder

ali eren kilikya

Ali Eren Balikel was born in Adana on July 27, 1979. Ali Eren, who was born as the fourth child of a civil servant father and a housewife mother, moved to Mersin with his family due to his father’s work when he was 3 years old. Having completed primary, secondary and high school education in Mersin, Ali Eren also started to lay the foundations of his future success in this city.
Although Ali Eren experienced the grief with his father’s death when he was at the age of 14, he started to engage in trade besides his education in those years with the awareness that he must hold on to the life much more than any other time, unlike many who chose to be weary of life in this case. In this sense, while continuing his education life, he started to work as an operation staff in an international customs company. Ali Eren, who started to explore his love and talent for trading during this period, set his mind on the idea of founding a big company flying Turkish flag abroad, at the age to be considered as a child.
You must plan every moment of your life.. Neither be in a hurry, nor be slow.. You must determine your steps to reach the goals.. Proceed step by step, but do not move to the next step unless you complete the one you are on…
In this sense, Ali Eren preferred a university abroad to be closely acquainted with the foreign market, to gain experience, to determine business opportunities and to improve his foreign language skill. Firstly, he studied foreign language at St.Giles international, one of London’s leading language schools, for seven months. Following this, Ali Eren applied to the London school of commerce (LSC) for business training and first took a one-year introductory course in business administration and then, completed his business education at the university of wales institute of Cardiff (UWIC).
Ali Eren Balikel’s master thesis named “how to establish a strong and innovative Mediterranean cuisine restaurant in London?” Was granted the honorary award of the university of Gloucestershire and was placed among the most valuable thesis section in the university’s library.